Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The "Perfect" Body

Having any sort of presence on social media when you're in the fitness industry, you're completely vulnerable and susceptible to body shaming.  I count my lucky stars that nobody has attacked me, verbally, in secret behind their computer monitor, tablet, or phone, but I have seen it happen to people in the "industry" who I admire and to my friends.

Even the strongest of women I know might have a moment of weakness where they believe the trolls for a second or two.

But the biggest troll out there can actually be the person looking back from the mirror.

Just as it's not okay to shame someone else for their body, it's not okay to shame yourself.  Turn any shame that you might have about your body into something productive, constructive, and literally healthy.  Make a change to become the best version of yourself.   Stop buying into the lies that society, fashion magazines, designers, and the voices in your head tell you.

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  1. I have seen that too. It's pretty intense, isn't it?