Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fit Con Utah - April 24th & 25th

Hey, Utah, and anyone who wants to travel, you have GOT to come to FitCon April 24th and 25th!

What's Fi tCon?  Well, it's like Comic Con, but for gym rats!!!

Seriously though, Fit Con Utah is the premier fitness, sports, and health conference in the state of Utah.  They will be bringing in the top fitness professionals that will educate and motivate the community with an overall goal to provide every opportunity to increase your knowledge and improve your desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fit Con Utah is packed with seminars, celebrity keynote speakers, live fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, competitions, and tons of exhibitor booths.

Fit Con Utah is composed of 2 days packed full of action: A Day of Education and A Day of Fitness. Both days will provide the people of Utah with every opportunity to learn and the participate in MANY different types of training.

Whether you are a workout fanatic or just beginning your fitness journey, Fit Con Utah has everything you need to achieve your goals.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and gather all the tools needed to become the best version of yourself.

Click here to learn more about Fit Con Utah, the speakers, demonstrations, exhibitors, and competitions, and to buy tickets!

I hope to see you there both days as I'll be working the event!  Come say hi!!!!!

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