Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Friday, I'm In Love: Beeph Meals

Last summer when my doctors discovered that I was on the verge of developing a serious kidney disease/disorder, I not only had to "stop" training but I had to stop using supplements, completely had to cut out protein powder, and minimize my protein dominant diet.  It sucked.  Big time.  I felt like everything that I loved got taken away in an instant, and rightly so.  What I was ingesting and what I was doing had the potential to cause long term health issues.  Serious issues.  When you hear the word "dialysis" and "failure", you do whatever your doctors say.

Lots of tests, surgery, medication, modifying my diet and active lifestyle have helped, and it's nice to know that I'm not going to be going through dialysis or treatments in the future, but I feel like I'm not my self.  Everything that I worked so hard for has completely disappeared.  I'm not as cut or as lean as I used to be.  I don't have the strength or endurance that I'd worked so hard to develop.  And after 6 months of being "benched" it's time for me to get back to being me.

I know how to bust my butt in the gym, but I know that getting my nutrition dialed in would be a HUGE benefit as I'm getting back in shape.  When I first began training and following a meal plan, I was spot on with my prep and would dominate my kitchen with my food scale, portions of protein, prepped veggies, you name it.  That was also when I was living in a house with a huge kitchen, tons of prep space, and a dishwasher.

Since moving downtown a few years ago, into a smaller apartment without a dishwasher, I've completely lost touch with my old meal prep routines.  I'd still prepare meals, but not nearly as many as needed, so I'd stop following my meal plan.  I'd scramble to get my meals prepped last minute, and when I'd completely space it, I'd just stop.  For weeks on end.  I can't go back to that kind of "failure". So I'm outsourcing my nutrition!

I never thought I'd be one of those gym rats who had someone prep my food for me.  Why?  Because I actually know how to cook, portion my meals, and I actually like to cook.  No, I love to cook.  So that's why I'm beyond happy that I've found Beeph Meals, a company that prepares, portions, and seasons all of my proteins (and rice and veggies, and salsa, and pancakes, and Beeph Dough), and then lets me be the chef that I love being!

Unlike other meal prep companies that cook everything for you, Ephraim Tinoco's Orem, Utah, based company offers you quite a bit more freedom and freshness.  There's something unappetizing to me about buying already cooked meals and then freezing them until I need them, reheating them, and then "enjoying" the food.  There's something far more appetizing about taking FRESH meat and veggies perfectly portioned for me and getting to cook them and serve them up my way.

Meal plans are portioned out for men and women and include everything from carne asada, zesty chicken, chicken fajitas, pancakes, and sides.  And they're done by a pretty smart fit guy (he didn't get the nickname Beeph for nothing) who knows his stuff!

Oh, and did I mention how amazing the price is?  I'd been looking at other companies in the area and I've saved about $500 by going with Beeph Meals over their pre-cooked plans.  $500!  What the what?!?

If you're in Utah County and looking for something/someone to help you with your nutrition based fitness goals, please, pretty please, go check out Beeph Meals and find a plan that works for you. Whether you want 2 meals a day for 2 weeks or 3 meals a day for a month, Ephraim has what you need!

Make sure you stay tuned to the blog for The Fit Beast Feasts recipe ideas featuring my meals from Beeph Meals.

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