Tuesday, January 13, 2015

20-Minute NO Running Cardio Blast At Home Workout

Confession:  I have had zero time for the gym lately.  Between an insane work deadline that zapped all of my energy for several weeks and a sometimes crippling and painful lung disorder that keeps me indoors and unable to do much physical activity, I've become incredibly frustrated with my lack of activity.  I'm fortunate that my weight is not going up but staying completely stagnant, but I still miss feeling the rush.  The truth is resonating that the longer I live in this state, the worse my lungs will get and I will probably HAVE to be somewhat dormant during the cold months.  

But that doesn't mean I'm completely inactive!  I do exercises within the confines of my little apartment and I'm so glad that I'm on the ground floor so I don't irritate a downstairs neighbor with my jumping around!  Between yoga, videos on YouTube, meditation, and awesome workouts like this one from POPSUGAR, I'm a happy camper.  

This 20-minute workout is awesome because it requires NO equipment and you can do it at whatever intensity level you're capable of!  If you're a stellar athlete you can go all out.  If you're a struggling lung sufferer like I am, you'll watch yourself.  If you're just starting out...good for you.  Go at whatever pace you can, but don't wimp out!  Believe me, your mind will tell you that you can't go on much sooner than your body will.  Each of these exercises are 1 minute intervals.  You can do 1 minute!  If your mind starts telling you to stop, replace it with my voice.  You don't know what I sound like, but if you did, I'd be telling you to drop the "can't", dig deeper, focus on the finish line, and do it!

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