Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fear Is A Liar

I changed up my fitness routine a little bit last night and went rock climbing for the very first time with my truly amazing sister in law, niece P, and nephew H surprised us later on.  I might not have gotten a serious workout compared to lifting heavy in the gym, but I tell you what, both my mind and body were tested and changed.

Fear about something only exists for as long as you give it power. Some smarty pants (it's me) said that and it was a lesson I needed to both learn and actively participate in, so, I dealt with my crap: heights and trust.
Heights and I have never been friends. I get the irony since I'm 6'1", but it freaks me out. Well guess what, acrophobia? I just conquered you. 3 times. We drew blood, got a little dirty, and it ain't no thing but a chicken wing. Trust is another matter. Don't think for a minute that I didn't trust my sister in law and nephew. I had no hesitation leaving my fate in their grips. I waivered in my own ability. I questioned my foot placement. I doubted my reach. That's probably why I only went part way the first time.
The subsequent attempts were far more successful because I'd recognized what doubt had done to me: it got me THIS close to my goal but not close enough to wrap my fingers around it. And it felt amazing to finally reach the top, wrap my fingers around that last little nub, and feel absolute confidence. I wanted to call everyone's attention and say, "Did you see that? I nailed it!" for a split second, but wound up doing something far greater. I hugged H and thanked him for keeping me safe and high-fived PJ in every way possible.
Stop giving "fear" your power.

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