Monday, September 29, 2014

Health Warrior--Chia Bars for Salad Bars

By now you should know that I am not just a fan of the amazing tasting Chia Bars from Health Warrior, but you should also know that I am a proud member of their Tribe!  Their amazing products have truly fueled me and my adventures and I could not be any happier to be involved with their company and especially their latest mission, Chia Bars for Salad Bars.

Health Warrior has partnered with Whole Foods and The Whole Kids Foundation to donate portions of proceeds on all sales of Chia Bar super snacks to help place salad bars in schools.  Childhood obesity is indeed an epidemic and increasing the amount of vegetables children eat is a major step in blunting continued weight gain.  This took place for the majority of September and it was a hit!  They sold over 118,000 Chia Bars to help The Whole Kids Foundation!

To celebrate this event, Health Warrior is giving away a two month supply of Chia Bar super snacks!  I want you to be #PoweredByChia, like I am, so I'm providing you with an opportunity to win a two month supply!  Here's how:
1.  Go to this link that details the Whole Foods and Whole Kids Foundation partnership
2.  Enter your e-mail address
3.  Share it for an increased chance to win
4.  That's all!!!

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