Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Friday, I'm In Love: Swoob

Confession time.  I've stuffed my bra.  I've stuffed it MANY times with just about everything that you can think of.  Cell phone.  Keys.  Lip balm.  Cash.  Forms of ID.  My inhaler.  Gum.  Pepper spray.  Don't worry, this is a safe space.  You can admit it, too, if you've stuffed yours. I won't judge.  In fact, I want you to keep stuffing your bra right along there with me, because I've found the most incredibly perfect and comfortable sports bra that makes stuffing your bra easier!

I want you to meet Swoob.  Their focus is one that I completely love and support.  They want to empower women to be strong, fit, and confident.  Founded and operated in my own city, Salt Lake City, they design stylish, functional women's active wear for going further and faster with everything you need in tow.  With their apparel you can literally take everything you will need with you!

They got the idea for their company while climbing in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.  They noticed that most women would carry things in their bra while climbing.  While they didn't see me out there climbing, I've definitely stashed everything I can in my bra while trail running.  After talking to other active gals, they found many use their sports bras to store anything from energy pouches to keys and phones, and realized there was an opportunity.  With that, Swoob was born with a mission to support the active lifestyle of females.

I am personally a fan of their Luana Cross Strap Sports Bra and would live in in 24/7.  Seriously, within minutes of putting it on for the first time I felt more comfortable than I'd ever been in a sports bra.  They were either too snug in some places, straps would rub too much, or they were honestly too tight to get over my head and were just messy.  I usually have to readjust while running and am just flat out uncomfortable.  Not anymore.  The only times my hands fished around in my nightly run tonight were to change tracks on my iPod conveniently stored in the center, water-proof pocket (one of 3 pockets I might add).  Honestly, I don't think I've been this excited about a bra since my mom took me shopping for my first bra a gazillion years ago.

What's more exciting is their new launch of products just released to the public YESTERDAY.  If you hurry, now, you can snag some fresh Swoob gear in fun new colors and styles.  To make it even more awesome, use code "SWOOBON" at checkout for a special discount!!!  Take a quick sneak peek at some of the new products!!!

Let's keep spreading this passion that both Swoob and I have, to empower women to be strong, fit, and confident.  Like the tag on my bra reads, "I have the power to defy barriers; to love my life; to live my dreams.  I am Swoob fit."  Join me in becoming a Get After It Girl and spread the Swoob love!

Eat clean.  Live lean.  Live better.  Live longer.

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