Thursday, September 26, 2013

nut butter lovers, there's something you need to know....

do you really know how your peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter are made?  you know i'm all about supplying you with information to help you make better choices, and trust me when i say that i couldn't have been more shocked to learn how one of my favorite foods is made.

if i were to ask you what peanut butter is made of, you'd probably answer, confidently, that it is a paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts.

you're wrong.

if i were to ask you how peanut butter is made, you'd probably answer, confidently, with something closely resembling the following:

first, harvested peanuts are taken to buying stations where they are weighed, graded, and inspected to determine quality and value.  after the buying station, peanuts travel to shelling plants.  here, farm materials such as sticks and rocks are removed, and the peanuts are sorted by size.  they are shelled and inspected to eliminate immature kernels.  the sheller packs the peanuts into bags, boxes, or railcars for delivery to manufacturers.  peanut butter manufacturers inspect the peanuts to ensure high quality, and then roast them in special ovens.  after roasting, the peanuts are cooled rapidly to halt the cooking process, retain an even color, and prevent the loss of oil.  another machine rubs the peanuts between rubber belts to remove the outer skin.  this process is called blanching.  the kernels are split, the hearts removed and the peanuts are cleaned and sorted a final time.

because you have the tendency to ramble, you would finally tell me that the peanuts are ground twice, as one long grinding would produce too much heat, damaging the flavor.  first, the peanuts are ground alone, then with ingredients like salt, sweetener and stabilizer to keep the oil from separating.

you're wrong.

this is how peanut butter, and all nut butters are made:

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