Wednesday, August 21, 2013

what weighs more, a pound of potatoes or a pound of feathers?

not only does this visual put into perspective how great your progress is when you're losing weight, but it also puts into perspective how much work you need to do!  it's easy to watch weight loss and transformation shows and think that it will equally be as easy for you to drop 15 lbs a week and then become frustrated when the fat isn't melting off of your body.  it takes time.  it takes hard work.  it takes dedication.  it takes help.  it takes education and resources beyond what most "normal" people have at their disposal.  so stick with it and get the help you need.  but most of all, do not get frustrated.

frustration, hitting that upper limit where you don't see the results you want, is the moment when most people give up.  i've been there.  i've had those moments.  i've had those issues.  do you know what i do?  i look back at what i used to look like.  i remember what i used to feel like.  all of those negative emotions, insecurities, bad habits, and self-deprecating behavior.  i use that as fuel.  know what else i do?  i grab my meaty thighs, assess the realistic amount that i both want and need to lose, and give the fat a farewell speech.  it's only a matter of time before my thighs are slimmer (my thighs and glutes are my trouble spots, where i store fat more than anything, so that's why i'm focusing on them) and my body fat decreases.  but that time will come when i put in the work.

be realistic about your goals.  be realistic about what is realistic for your lifestyle, body type, and long term maintenance.  be kind to yourself, but, at the same time, be relentless.  fight for yourself.  be your own biggest cheerleader when you need the support, but be your biggest warrior when self defeat sets in.  

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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