Friday, July 12, 2013

don't forget to eat your vitamins!!!

let it be known that this fit beast hated taking vitamins as a child.  i hated it so much that when my mom would give me chewable vitamin c, i would often hide them in the ashes of the fire place or outside in the dirt and rocks next to the house.  today, i am a huge advocate for taking your vitamins and other supplements that you might not be getting from your diet.  recent studies argue that you might not need to take a pill.  then again, you might need to.  whether or not you should be popping vitamins is not a clear-cut yes or no type of answer.  so, i guess the real answer should be this:  "what are you eating?".

taking vitamins and supplements is a personal decision that should be based on an individual's knowledge of their needs, their diet, and their lifestyle.  it should also be a decision that involves a health care professional....which i most certainly am not, but am just as opinionated as i highly suggest that you make an appointment to review your diet with one such trained professional to check for any deficiencies that may exist.

if deficiencies are identified, for example, the person's vitamin e intake is lower than what is recommended, before recommending vitamin e supplements, this professional may advise adding spinach, sunflower seeds, almonds, and other vitamin e-rich foods to their diet.  you see, adding foods with high targeted nutrients, rather than supplements, also provides the protein, fiber, and other nutrients that our bodies need.  there is no tablet or capsule that contains all of that.

i'm not suggesting or even hinting that you should stop taking the pills in your cabinets.  remember, i'm not a professional.  please don't do anything radical, but at the same time, please do take the steps necessary to ensure that you are eating a nutrient rich diet that supports your needs and lifestyle.  look into company wellness programs for any connections to nutritionists or dietitians.  inquire at your gym about nutritional resources they have with their trained professionals.  hit up google for local professionals.  heck, call your doctor!  i can guarantee that what you would pay for a consultation may wind up providing you with information that can help you from paying for bottles of unnecessary pills.

i found the following resources online and they may help you understand what vitamins are found in which foods.  i hope that you'll find them helpful, but i also hope that you follow my advice and get some nutritional support from a professional.

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

*side note
i wrote this up about a week ago and had this in my publishing queue earlier this week.  coincidence or not, last night i watched a news report on nbc nightly news about almost this specific thing.  they ran a story about a recent study that shows that men who took too much fish oil were more likely to develop prostate cancer.  all of the physicians and specialists in the story all said the same thing: eat a nutritionally diverse diet that will provide you with the vitamins you need.  moral of the story, too much of a thing can be a bad thing.

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