Thursday, June 27, 2013

look into my crystal ball

i can admit that i'm a country music fan without fear or retaliation or negative comments.  nobody ever comments on here!  anyway, i was born in oregon, spent my first few years on a farm, grew
up loving rodeos and riding horses, and even owned a few pairs of wranglers jeans in high school.  in college, however, well, those years really could have turned this city girl kuntry.  i went to college in south eastern idaho, potato farms surrounded my apartments, and yes, i took basic equitation one summer.  my inner country girl loved that summer.  in fact, i go a little bit country every single summer listening to country music on the radio and going to live concerts.  there's just something about summer that screams country music.

a few years ago, one of my awesome friends, erik, scored us tickets to go see brad paisley.  these weren't crappy nose-bleed seats, either.  we were up so close that i could honestly verify just how short mr. paisley is....compared to the likes of this amazon.

while it's not my favorite song, brad has a song called "letter to me" that i'm identifying with, a lot, lately.  the inspiration behind the song came when his wife was asked to write for a book entitled what i know now: letters to my younger self.  after he heard about the book, he thought that the concept of a writing a letter to his younger self would be a good idea for a country song.  according to him, it took most of a week to write the song, as he would constantly change the lyrics and write a new letter every day.  if you've never heard the song, its narrator is singing a letter to his younger self about things he wish he would have known, done differently, focused on, etc.

wouldn't it be awesome if we could actually do that?  i could have written a letter to myself about how going through my most recent heartbreak would have been one of the most formidable learning opportunities.  i could have written a letter to myself with little reassurances about my career.  i could have done so much to prepare myself for the future.  guess what?  i wouldn't actually do it, given the opportunity.  why?  i wouldn't have learned anything!

don't wish for easy roads in the future.  don't wish for answers to prepare you for life's tests.  don't look for the easy outs when life throws a challenge in your way.  become strong, smart, wise, and show confidence in your choices.  focus on your goals.  reinforce your own beliefs.  hold on to them when people question them and you'll never be wrong.  make mistakes.  often.  and learn from them.  do something today that your future self will thank you for.

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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