Thursday, June 27, 2013

investing in your home gym

a majority of people are dissuaded from doing at-home fitness because they don't want to purchase and then store bulky equipment.  infomercials play up the "under bed" storage and convenient 500-step disassemble process but let's be honest, most of those things get piled up in the garage because they're too bulky to keep in the house.  that means they're not being used.  that means you just wasted 10 easy payments of $29.95....with free shipping.

you don't need to buy huge pieces of equipment to build a home gym and build a better body.  one simple option is investing in a small piece of equipment that can be used in versatile options.  that's what i do with my clothes.  i buy investment pieces that can be paired in different combinations!  okay, who am i kidding.  if i had all the money in the world, i wouldn't buy investment pieces.  i'd buy the entire j.crew every color.  still, you can be smart, functional, and still get a great workout in at home.

though they're trendy right now, the versatility and effectiveness of buying a kettle bell or two is a great stepping stone.  obviously found in sporting goods stores, you can even find them in your local wal-mart or target...even online!  prices totally vary, but for around $30 you can have a new toy to serve dual function as a workout item and door stop.

so, you've taken my advice and purchased your kettle bell.  now what?  okay, fine.  since you rely on me for everything, i'll tell you what to do.

1.  don't drop it when you're swinging it
2.  don't stub your toe on it in the middle of the night
3.  if you do stub your toe on it in the middle of the night, don't curse my name

oh, you want workout ideas?  you should have said so in the first place.

here you go:

this is for slightly more advanced users who already know proper technique and form when training with kettle bells.  if you're a total beginner, try this:

and then try this:

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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