Wednesday, April 17, 2013

run for boston 2014

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Three people were killed and more than 100 were injured on April 15 when two explosions went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Hours later, runners were tweeting and posting on Instagram that they weren't going to let this tragedy stop them from pursuingtheir hobby and passion.
They went out to #runforboston.
CNN is asking you to pledge to run or walk a race — whether it's 1 mile or a marathon — by April 2014, the one-year anniversary. The network plans to make a video about our group journey to that finish line. It's a story of endurance and hope in the face of disaster. It's one we'll create together.
How do you join in? Click the “Add your story” button, upload a photo of your running shoes, and tell us why you’re running for Boston.
You can also upload your photo to Instagram or Twitter. Tag it #runforboston and #cnnireport so we know you're in. Then get out there and get moving! We'll post more instructions soon.
You can log your training miles on this Run for Boston site, which was created by iReporter Becca Obergefell, from Columbus, Ohio. She inspired this assignment and suggests you use the Charity Miles app earn money for a charity of you're choice while you train for the big race.
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to any of my followers, readers, fellow fit beasts, and runners, please accept this challenge that i issue you: run for boston.

i have a huge love for this city and for my friends that live there.  my heart broke when i first learned of the bombings and i immediately prayed for peace. peace for the victims experiencing a kind of physical and emotional pain i can only imagine.  peace for their families worrying in fear.  peace for those impacted yet not physically injured.  peace for anyone angered by this.  no amount of anger will ever fix any problem in this world.  but committing to be a positive force for change will.

here in utah, the salt lake marathon is days away from happening.  it's not being shut down.  security is definitely heightened, but so much love and outpouring of strength is going on.  the events planned to show love and support to boston is awesome.  i'm jealous of those runners in the marathon that get to contribute.  i wanted my own way to show support.

cnn is giving us just that.

i challenge to you to become a force for good in this world, not just for boston, but for everyone.  the impact you can have on the world is huge.  you're only one person, but you can make a change.

whether you decide to run for boston in a team with ragnar, a local 5k, a 10k with your local book club, or even just a saturday morning 1 mile walk with the families in your neighborhood, will you please commit to run for boston 2014 with me?

i commit to run for boston 2014.  for the next year, until the anniversary of the bombings, i will be tracking my every fraction of a mile.  i will run for boston 2014, for a year.

i'm not asking for money...just a commitment.  send me yours in the form of a comment.  please.  i want to know that even though we're not physically running together, we're still running for boston 2014.

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