Monday, April 8, 2013

just say mcno!

a while ago, on a social media outlet, i got my head bit off for suggesting that people become more educated about the food they're putting in their bodies and those of their children.  i'm ready for people to take another bite out of me, because i'm bringing it up, again.

first of all, there is nothing good about fast food.  nothing. i won't even say that the "convenience" of picking up a greasy bag at the end of a drive-thru lane is justifiable when you've had a busy day and are too tired to make something...or your kids won't eat anything else.  all i hear are excuses.  fast food and other nutrition-lacking processed meals coupled with a lack of physical activity and ignorance/laziness are what is making this country fat.  i'm a "medical auditor", by trade, and am constantly  reviewing patient medical records for a diabetes clinic.  almost on a daily basis i read excuses as to why obese patients cannot eat healthy.  the primary excuse is that it's too expensive to incorporate fresh produce and lean proteins into their diets, so they resort to processed foods and fast food.  that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.  i feel like thumping people on the head when i hear stuff like that.

while the ease of picking up fast food for dinner might ease your stress a bit and pacify your picky eater children, you're doing everyone a disservice.  so what if all your kid wants to eat for dinner is a happy meal.  tell him/her that it's not an option and they can either eat the healthy meal you've prepared or they can go to bed hungry.  trust me, after a night or two of that, they'll start eating.  think that's too tough?  let me know when you come through the pediatric diabetes clinic with said child in a few years and i'll put you in touch with some great dietitians who will tell you the same thing i'm telling you right now.

the occasional treat isn't a bad thing.  living deprived of the joys that come from a fun, yet smart, night out isn't worth it when you train hard and eat clean.  i just had a great night out and cheat meal last night.  i chose my food carefully, made sure that my cheat meal wouldn't put me over my daily caloric intake, and made sure that i still got my workout in.  though that doesn't mean that i'm going to cheat every day because i work out like a crazy person.  i'd still rather fill up on complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, organic procude and lean proteins than on saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, and sugar.

if you think about how much our bodies do for us and how badly you need it to be in tip top shape to allow you to live a full, rewarding, active, and happy life, you really need to start fostering the thought that "we are what we eat" on a daily basis.  just remember my favorite saying: garbage in--garbage out.  treat yourself better.  eat cleaner.  exercise.  stop making yourself unhealthy.  just say "mcno" to fast food.

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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