Friday, March 15, 2013

it's friday, i'm in love: quest protein bars

well, stick a fork in me...i'm done.  i've found perfection in a protein bar and, no, it's not any of those crappy bars you find in your grocery store aisles that either taste disgusting or are virtually candy bars claiming to be healthy.  quest nutrition protein bars taste phenomenal and truly are good for you!!

with quest, you truly need to expect less.  no that's not a dis.  i love this bar because of what it doesn't have it in.  no sugar alcohols.  no sugar used.  no artificial sweeteners.  no gluten.  no glycerine.  no soy protein.  no junk ingredients.

these bars are truly designed for those of us who care about good nutrition...and good flavor!  their award-winning taste came out on top of every single blind taste test they've been in.  flavors range from their newest and most popular chocolate chip cookie dough, to chocolate brownie, vanilla almond crunch, apple pie, mixed berry bliss, my favorite coconut cashew, to even cinnamon roll and strawberry cheesecake.

when i first discovered quest bars, i immediately went to and bought one of every flavor.  though i wasn't planning on having them around to eat every day as a meal replacement, i knew they'd be great to keep in my purse, desk, laptop bag/mobile office, gym bag, and in my emergency food storage.  i've also kept them in my cookie jars as a reminder that i can still have a sweet treat every once in a while.  i gravitate towards the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate brownie, and coconut cashew the most and am known to throw them around to my favorite fit beasts at my gym.

all with only 4-6 grams of active carbs...from nuts, not sugar...these fiber rich bars will satisfy your sweet tooth and protein needs, so don't throw away your hard work by eating other nutrition bars that are thinly disguised candy bars in colorful wrappers.

it might be easier and/or cheaper to buy whatever you can find in your grocery store's health section, or you might fall prey to the gimmicky concept that granola bars are a good substitution.  just remember...garbage in, garbage out.  there is absolutely no garbage with quest.

find quest bars in a store near you, buy through their online store, or my tried and true resource for all things healthy,

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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