Monday, March 11, 2013

a brand new day

one of my favorite things about "monday" is that it starts a new week with a clean slate.  regardless of how i may have worked or not worked in the gym, or how well i ate, i can start my week anew when that alarm starts ringing monday morning.  but this fresh start isn't reserved just for mondays.  every day is an opportunity to do better, be better, do more, be more, and succeed.  there's no better time to start making your life better than in this very moment but the frustrating lack of know-how in regards of that first step can make you retreat back in to that cozy yet unhealthy comfort zone. guess what?  i have a secret for you.  even the fittest of fit people had to start somewhere with very limited knowledge and resources.  you can be just like them.  it's easy.  take that first step, just like they did.

transforming your life, body, mind, and lifestyle can be so incredibly intimidating.  please believe me when i say that i understand that...even though i make it sound easy and fun, i know that it comes with hard work, frustration, challenges, etc.  but the rewards.  gosh.  so worth it.

make the change, even through the easiest of steps.  literally.  go for a walk around the neighborhood with your spouse, siblings, children, or neighbors.  get moving.  start doing it every day.  eventually the distance that made your lungs ache and heart race will be a simple warm-up and you'll double your distance.  then, the day that you're sick of walking and pick up the pace to a jog, and then a'll hate me when you start falling in love with and buying new running shoes all the time.  try it for a little while and then look back at how easy it was to incorporate that into your life.  not so hard, right?  i know you'll agree if you do it!

i really have no clue who reads my blogs.  i see the statistics and know that there are visitors to my site, but i probably don't know you.  i don't know your struggles, weaknesses, strengths, or goals.  i don't know how hard it might be for you to physically get off that couch and how it's even harder for you to even walk around the block.  i don't know how easy it is, on the flip-side of this coin, to get out there and run a marathon or participate in a triathlon.  but i do know that regardless of your weight, fitness level, athletic ability, and bench press weight, we are all the same.  we all have moments where we don't want to, where we don't think we can, where we doubt ourselves, where we think it's going to be too hard.  try not to let the "don't" and "doubt" take over.  you're stronger than you think.  your body just might be a little tired but trust me, you can do a little more.

the change is up to you.  however hard you're willing to work will merit the most amazing results.  start today.  i know you can do it.

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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