Tuesday, February 19, 2013


a hot, deep, burning, inspiring passion. 
there, i've already gotten your attention, right?  don't worry, i'm not talking about romantic relationships, a topic i'm hardly qualified to talk about.  i'm talking about creating passion, as in a boundless, fondness and commitment to results, training, transforming body composition, and living a healthy life.  
in every organization, one of the major roles of "management" is to be a passion maker, someone responsible for developing and inspiring enthusiasm within the entire chain of command.  one way that happens is through a system of accountability by measuring performance and following-up with appropriate action.
this same model is applied in corporate settings as well as the gym.  you see, understanding the role accountability plays in the gym drives us towards success and inspires passion, deep within us.  simply put, a lack of accountability is one of the biggest reasons why gym-goers fail to see the results they desire and ultimately stop going.
i've heard multiple statistics, over the years, about seeing better results if you have a workout partner or hire a personal trainer.  whether you're 80% more likely, 60% more likely, or 10% more likely to see better results in reaching your goals by having a workout partner or hiring a trainer, i can't help but think that it's better than going alone.  having someone to work with, to push you, and to hold you accountable makes giving up harder, but having someone who is educated, knowledgeable, and qualified can make an even bigger difference.
want proof?  here i am.  i spent years yo-yoing with my weight and fitness routines.  i tried crash diets, bought into fitness fads and infomercial purchases and i tried working out with a friend.  nothing clicked for me.  results didn't stick.  i retrogressed to bad habits.  i became miserable, depressed, unhealthy, and more of a fan of slipping into spanx and other slimming garments than one person ever should be.  in one moment of brilliance that i will forever thank myself for listening to, i had an idea.  how about you get your life back on track, fix your issues, get healthy, and hire someone to help you make that happen?!?  how about you take that tax refund you're getting and, instead of buying a bunch of random crap, make an investment in your future and hire a personal trainer?
i went into my initial fitness assessment with taylor knowing that i was already committed to training.  i was committed, both physically and financially, and i was ready to be humbled in front of other gym goers with measurements, sweaty workouts, and wimpy moments.  in all honesty, i was there at that fitness assessment to assess taylor.  i wanted to see what he could offer me in terms of the obvious fitness routines and education about diet and nutrition, but i also wanted to see how hard he'd push me and how comfortable i'd be around him.  after all, he'd have to see those insecure moments and parts of my body and psyche that make me insecure.
this coming weekend will be a year that i hired my personal trainer.  not only has he helped me change my body, eating habits, and self-deprecating attitude, but he's become a friend and mentor.  he's been that passion driving force in my life and results by holding me accountable.
whether a workout buddy or a personal trainer is right for you, i can't say.  what i can say is that you won't regret either decision once you start seeing the results when your body transforms, when your confidence builds, when the smile gets bigger on your face, and when the passion burns in your belly...all from the accountability factor.

eat clean.  live lean.  live better.  live longer.

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  1. my baby steps today after getting inserts in my shoes for plantar faciitus was a good neighborhood walk. on my way, msk